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"Grace and Truth Baptist Church is pleased to provide the Disciples Bible Institute = Discipleship courses absolutely free!

Sign up today for your online correspondence course. Now you can study the Bible from the convenience of your home and from anywhere in the world"

We exist to develop leaders with a heart for God who are committed to the Word, compassionate toward the lost, and compelled to change communities for Christ.

Our purpose is to provide extensive Bible teaching to prepare the student for Christian service and build their faith in the word of God which is the King James Bible ,without correcting it changing it BUT believing it and submitting to the word of God.

The mission of The Disciples Bible Institute is to provide a balanced Christian education, which will fully equip born-again people with Bible doctrine, and also to provide practical hands-on training through the local church, which will prepare each individual to effectively reach and impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • There are no tuition cost
  • No administrative fees
  • Textbooks are provided for free

The course is 18 weeks long and meets twice a week. It is free of charge to persons of any age that are interested. This is a cyclical program. The classes are independent one of another so that one may start in any semester and complete the program in 18 weeks. Sign up is simple, just fill-in the form shown below or alternatively call 9923653124. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Here are the first graduates from the Disciple Bible Institute proudly displaying their graduation certificates.

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Disciples Bible Institute - the 2nd batch that underwent training in Discipleship. ..."19th - 24th November, 2012"



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Join us in fellowship (1 John 1:3)

Sunday Worship service:
- 10:00 am (English) | 9:00 am (Hindi & Konkani)
- Kids Sunday school @ 10:30 am
- Soul winning @ 12:30 pm

Wednesday: Bible Study @ 6:30 pm

Thursday: Cottage Meeting @ 5.00 pm

Saturday: Intercessory Prayer @ 5.00pm

Pastor Lordson Roch

Mobile : +91 0832 9923653124
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